World Tour Press Coverage

The Tour continues to generate curiosity and a following. Read or listen to the media coverage Near and Far Horizons is receiving.

Announcing the World Tour

Press Release
Comprehensive updated release about The World Tour.

The American Artist Magazine

April 2008
World Tour for Landscape Artists
The April issue of American Artist magazine features the Far & Near Horizons World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists prominently on page 11 in the "Quick Sketches" department. Tour participants and organizers J.R. Baldini (Founder, IPAP) and Karl Eric Leitzel (Founder, LAI) have paintings accompanying the article. Linda Richichi, the former North America Tour Director, is also quoted.

Inaugural Exhibition at Karpeles Museum

Audio Interview Conducted at Premier Opening 
of Far and Near Horizons World Tour Exhibition

June 2, 2007 | Karpeles Museum | Newburgh, NY

J.R. Baldini and Linda Richichi
Interviewer/Photo Credit: Val Oliver

Approximate Run Time: 20 min.