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This was one of those afternoons when broken sunlight was perpetually wandering around on the ocean's surface. Lucky me, I got to stand there and watch for a couple of hours!

Oil on Canvas | 8x16 in.
$775. US

Doug Martin

Colorado, USA

In 2003, at the age of fifty one, Doug Martin picked up a paintbrush for the first time. Since then Martin has studied with Dan Beck, Mark Daily, Quang Ho, Don Demers, Ralph Oberg, Matt Smith and numerous other painters. Given his self-training and his study with these respected representational painters, it's not surprising that Martin shares their interest in traditional realism exhibited by Martin's working out in the field, his creation of picturesque compositions, and his concern with bringing emotion to his paintings. "I can't believe it took me this long to try my hand at painting, but now I'm completely hooked!" His lifelong affinity for the outdoors and nature is answered well by his new found love of oil painting.



I painted the Indian River in Florida while visiting with painters of the American Impressionists Society. Merritt Island was in the distance. My focus was, What these people were doing? Fishing for crabs?

Oil | 6x8 in.
$350. US

K.A. McMahon

Colorado, USA

I never leave home without my painting materials as I travel extensively around the world. Outdoor or plein-air paintings are my way of writing a story with color. Colors that I see in nature are put on canvas, and I am not afraid to experiment and push that to the limit. I use different color strokes next to each other, and that gives a sparkle to many of my paintings.
K. A. McMahon 2007



This scene depicts the last true Tramway operation in South America. It began operating with electricity in 1891, replacing horse-drawn trams and expanding its route. Nowadays, it can be seen only in Santa Teresa, a district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...it is a wonderful journey back in time, offering superb views of the city.

Oil on Canvas | 8.7x10.6 in.
$550. US

Sandra Nunes

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nunes is a Brazilian plein-air painter who is in love with her native city, Rio de Janeiro - her main source of inspiration. Strolling through its urban, suburban and bucolic sites, she interprets and recreates the relationship between shapes and colors, recording the routines of its people. Although she generally sets up her easel on the city streets to paint from the natural environment, her canvases are not exact representations; they reflect a deep insight into the subject matter, the beauty she sees in nature, and her passion for color. Her work has won many awards in important juried exhibitions, been reproduced in prominent magazines, appeared on book covers and is included in private and corporate collections in Brazil and abroad.



Study in blue and gold. The marsh near my home, displays a variety of color. I never tire of trying to capture the various moods and changing atmospheric conditions.

Oil | 9x12 in.
$800. US

Barbara Perrotti

Florida, USA

Perrotti's college training was at the Paier school of Art in Connecticut. Numerous prominent collections include the National Infantry Museum, Georgia and Disney World, Florida. Currently listed in Who's Who in American Art, Barbara's professional life is spent taking part in various plein-air invitationals and competitions. "My work, I feel, has been influenced by studies with Robert Brackman, Lois Griffel and Burt Silverman. My passion is to convey a sense of romantic impressionism, using as my vehicle, the land and its people. My paintings begin with abstraction and the degree of finish varies according to feelings from within."


Painted en plein air, on location at Niagara Falls, Canada.

Oil on Panel | 17x26 in.
$1200. US

John Stuart Pryce

Ontario, CA

"The quest for eloquence in my painting is ongoing" says Pryce. He further says, "Strong design elements, an appropriately chosen colour palette, spontaneous brushwork and underlying luminosity are key elements that allow me to share with others what I see and feel." His goal is to share with others the beauty of that his eyes see, his heart feels and soul yearns to understand. John's love for art began at a very early age, as he discovered the great satisfaction derived from his ability to draw and paint. During a successful career as an architectural illustrator, his work was used in projects around the world. His seemingly loose yet eloquent technique is the result of years of experience in the disciplines of drawing, colour and composition. "The purest and most rewarding form of painting, in my opinion, is en plein air as it challenges all of the skills and discipline of the artist."



Summer scene painted on a mountain side on a hot day depicts a myriad of color in the grasses. The rhythmic marks give a sense of the wind, the smell in the air, the sound of color and the spirit of nature that can be captured best when working en plein air.

Pastel | 7x5 in.
$475. US

Linda Richichi

Linda Richichi

New York, USA

"Whether I am painting in the breathtaking Hudson Valley, near Tuscan castles, or on a sun-drenched beach in Maui, I capture the spiritual energy that I feel in nature." Richichi has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from SUNY, New Paltz. Her work was published in the International Artist Magazine in 2005. Recently Richichi was awarded the Best of Show Ontario Purchase Award at the International Plein Air Painters Worldwide Paint Out. Richichi's work is in collections internationally. She is also a juried associate member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA).



 This was painted at Ocala,  Florida, during an invitational paint out for the Horse Breeders Assoc. It created alla prima and won an honorable mention (Arts In the Park) and a first place award at St. Augustine Art Assoc., 2007.

Oil on Canvas | 8x10 in.
$595. US

Charles P. Schaefer

Florida, USA

"Painting outdoors has always been a part of my lifelong ambition. Finding scenes in nature has let my vision open to new vistas everywhere I look; the sky and the marshlands around me reveal new colors that one does not see in the studio. I make quick, vibrant strokes of many colors that are integrated in my paintings. I now stretch to see how far one can push the palette of color and yet make the scene pleasing to view. Plein-air is the only way I can achieve the needed vibrancy and spontaneity in my work."
Charles P. Schafer 2007Warm Up  For Dressage,     



These trees seemed aware of the approach of spring as they leaned towards the warmth and light. With their feet immersed in a vernal pond, they drink deeply and awaken.

Pastel, Watercolor | 20x20in.
$1,500. US

Colette Odya Smith

Wisconsin, USA

Colette Odya Smith works primarily in soft pastels to create her 'intimate landscapes' that convey a sense of the mysterious and the profound. She says, 'Working on each image becomes like a process of falling in love, during which I attempt to discover all that I can learn about the beloved'. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America. She has exhibited nationally and received numerous awards, including multiple prizes in The Pastel Journal, International Artist (formerly Pastel Artist International), and was featured in the July/August 2005 issue of American Artist magazine.



Morning Snow focuses on the interplay of light and shadow on snow.

Oil on Panel | 8x10 in.
$900. US

Ellen White

Georgia, USA

Ellen White was born in Illinois where she received a degree from Southern Illinois University in commercial design. Her first few jobs were in related fields where she learned the basics of photography and publishing while developing her own style and technique. She spent 20 plus years honing her craft as an award winning art director/designer at television stations in Ft. Wayne, Milwaukee, Tampa and New Haven. As a painter, she has learned from the skills of Joe Paquet and Ray Roberts, as well as many other very talented painters.



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