2007-2009 World Exhibition Artists & Works

HERE IS A PREVIEW of the Tour by some of the World's top contemporary landscape painters of our day. Don't miss the exhibition when it comes to a museum or gallery in a city near you. Many more works than are shown here will be a part of the exhibition. Click on paintings to view larger versions. Links are also provided to contact the painters personally.



Savannah is a plein-air painters' dream. The Mercer/Williams house is the site of Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, and there is a mysterious air surrounding it.

Oil on Panel | 12x8 in.
$575. US

Nancy Albrecht

Illinois, USA

Albrecht paints en plein air which keeps all of her senses engaged in the process of making art. Many of these studies are works in themselves, while others are references for larger studio paintings. Working on boards allows aggressive mark-making which has become a hallmark of her approach, producing juicy paintings with lots of texture. Painting for 30 years, active in Chicago Artists & Coalition, Plein Air Painters of Chicago, and Signature Member of the International Plein Air Painters, Albrecht has works in over 200 Corporate and Private Collections worldwide. See her work in Chicago at the Lotton Gallery, 900 N. Michigan Avenue, 6th Level, Chicago 60610.


Painting in Taos, NM, I came across this quiet little plaza off the beaten path, that just held my interest all day. The tree, against the warm adobe wall held all sorts of questions, and the clear blue sky kept calling to me! A plein-air artist's dream!

Oil | 10x10 in.
$700. US

Leslie Allen

Colorado, USA

Leslie Allen is a Signature Member of WAOW, a founding member of Plein Air Artists Colorado, and an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America. This award-winning plein-air oil painter (2007 WAOW Fine Art Connoisseur Award of Excellence; 2006 3rd Place Award of Merit; Estes Park Plein Air, 2005 Juror’s Choice Award; 2004 "Best in Show" Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters Miniature Show; 2002 "Best Impressionistic Painting" National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society) produces colorful, intimate landscapes infused with light, that translate feelings and impressions onto the canvas. Her magpie piece Waiting, was featured in the 2003 September/October issue of Wildlife Art magazine. Her work is in collections across the US and Canada, South America, England, and Germany.


Oil | 9x12 in.
$1500. US

Garin Baker

New York, USA

As a mid-career fine artist, muralist and illustrator Baker actively exhibits his work in New York City and the Hudson Valley region. He works in oils, watercolors and pastels. Painting primarily from life and on the spot studies he documents a moment in time. His subjects include complex compositions to simple figure studies. His realism, combined with an expressive nature shows passionate engagement with a variety of contemporary images including large New York cityscapes filled with bustling people set in dramatic light situations to spacious rural landscapes reminiscent of the Hudson River School of Painting. At the core of his work is a strong sense of humanity and its relationship to the environment.


A glorious day painting in North Carolina in spring was the inspiration for this painting along the banks of the Calabash River.

Oil on Linen | 24x24 in.
$1,600. US

J. R. Baldini
Founder, IPAP

Niagara Falls, Canada

Plein-Air Painting is a metaphysical skill capable of creating an image that lets the viewer 'Be there in the moment' when viewing the painting. Baldini is the Founder and a Signature Member of International Plein Air Painters and established the first WORLDWIDE Paint Out in 2002. Baldini a native New Yorker who now lives and works in Niagara Falls. She travels extensively and has painted in Spain, Portugal, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Curacao, Honduras, Aruba, Yucatan and Antigua.

"I have spent the last 30+ years with one simple focus - attempting to capture the fleeting light as it defines a shape, creates a mood or connects to the familiar, and pass that 'never to be again' moment onto to you, the viewer."


This thing about this scene that captured my interest was the bloom of bright yellow flowers and the cows serenely grazing next to a quiet stream. It had to be painted...

Oil | 12x10 in.
$1,050. US

Pierre Bouret

Hawaii, USA

Bouret moved to Kauai in 1970 to pursue his passion for surfing. Once on island he was captivated by the beauty and magnificence of the surrounding landscape. He is preserving images of old Kauai, the pristine splendor of now vanishing landscapes. Hawaii's mountains, waterfalls cascading into the ever changing sea, and moments of magical light & shadow have provided an endless source of material for painting en plein air, or on location. Bouret's plein-air work is characterized by colorful, light filled canvases which capture extraordinary moments in ordinary life.

Pierre has studied with Saim Caglayan, Camille Przewodek, Ray Roberts, Peggi Kroll, Jeff Horn, Ian Roberts and Ken Auster.


This oil pastel was created in plein air in Wekiva Springs State Park in Florida. The soft shadows created by the gently leaning oak trees invited me to share in their tranquility. 

Oil Pastel | 10x14 in.
$ 640. US 

Christophe Cardot

France | Florida, USA

A native of France, Christophe arrived in the United States in 2003, to pursue a full-time art career. His artwork is often inspired from the French impressionists and pointillists. He works primarily with pastels and also enjoys oils. He found his spiritual home while honeymooning in Florida, with its heat, color and bright light. He truly enjoys painting Florida's land en plein air because he feels there is no better way to capture the hidden colors of the scenery, revealed by the changing light. His works can be found in collections throughout the United States and Europe.


My effort here was to capture the intense blaze of autumn color, as well as the mistiness moving in from the mountains in the distance.

Oil | 16x20 in.
$800. US

Jessie Cook

Florida, USA

Jessie Cook is a contemporary impressionist. After moving from New York to Florida in 2005, she has turned her focus from painting still life to landscapes. Painting represents to her the opportunity to explore the beauty and mystery in the views before her. "There is a living essence in any scene, and painting is my chance to experience that essence and try to communicate it to the viewer." Jessie has been painting en plein air for the last two years. She plans to continue plein air painting, but now more as a basis for larger studio works. She has studied with John Phillip Osborne, Sherry Camhy, Mary Ana Goetz.


A spring plein-air pastel on the tidal flats of Vancouver Islands east coast during the rain, looking towards Hornby Island.

Soft Pastel | 15x16 in.
$1,000. US

D. F. Gray

British Columbia, Canada

Dan Gray's pastels are impressions of the moment. Born in Vancouver B.C., he has worked in soft pastel since 1975. Always painting from live models, always en plein air when painting the landscape. Designated a Premier Pastellist of Canada by the Pastel Society of Canada, his awards also include Plaque of Distinction (1990); 1st place Silver Pastel Plate (1994); and the inaugural award for Excellence and Dedication to Pastel (2000). His pastels are published and collected across Canada and internationally.


This painting was completed en plein air along Bear Creek at Lair o' the Bear, near Evergreen, CO. I found the bright sunlight and the colors of the water just captivating on this warm autumn morning.

Oil | 11x14 in.
$900. US

Debra J. Groesser

Nebraska, USA

Groesser holds a BFA degree in art and works in oil using a limited palette. She has participated in numerous juried and invitational exhibitions across the country, including the Salon International 2008, Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Art Auction 06 and 08; OPA's Central Region Juried Exhibitions; American Impressionist Society National Juried Exhibition, and the Carmel Plein Air Festival. Signature memberships: National Academy of Professional Plein Air Painters and Plein Air Artists Colorado. Associate memberships: Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, and Landscape Artists International.


This oil study was created in St. Augustine State Park in Florida. I loved the early morning dune shadows on the white sand, the old remnant of sand fence and the boardwalk overlooking the peaceful ocean.

Oil | 11x14 in.
$400. US

Brenda Hofreiter

Florida, USA

Hofreiter is a 4th generation Floridian currently living in Orlando, Florida. She was awarded a two-year Fellowship in Painting and Drawing at Crealde School of Art where she also served as Fellowship Manager. Brenda has studied plein-air oil painting with Greg Kreutz, Ken Backhus and John Budicin. Her paintings have been accepted and won awards in national juried exhibitions, and she is represented in private, corporate and public collections. Brenda has been juried into Artist-in-Residence Programs in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. She holds signature memberships with PAF, IPAP and AIS, and is a member of OPA, LAI and the MIS.


Oil on Linen | 9x12 in.

Aaron Holland

Wisconsin, USA

Aaron Holland studied art full-time(40 hrs/week) at the Bougie Studio(atelier) in Minneapolis. He was in apprenticeship to Peter Bougie and Brian Lewis from 1995-1998, where he studied Classical Realism in the French Academic tradition, also known as the "Boston School". He studied Anatomy, Drawing with dry media, figure drawing and painting, still-life, composition, He is one of three instructors that helped to start the Kewaunee Academy of Fine Art, where he was an instructor since 2002 (formerly Barnsite Art Studio).



This painting is from a recent trip to the Languedoc in France. We hiked along the River Aude to the little town of Aylet-Les-Bains. I was drawn to the wonderful backlighting in this scene.
The river was sparkling and the day was glorious. It was a perfect sunny "Sunday in France"!

Oil | 9x12 in.
$975. US

Julie Houck

Hawaii, USA

In my work, I aspire to capture that "something else" about a place and to recreate, on canvas, the feeling of "being there." I try to put the atmosphere and emotion of the place or scene in my paintings. I am most interested in the transmission of light in my paintings. It is not always the literal view. Scenes that tell a story about the place attract me. I believe this is a legacy from my career as a professional photographer. On location, my job was to tell the story with imagery. Pictures told the story, and not words.



Painted on location of an old fishing boat. The worn red covering was captivating to paint.

Acrylic on Linen | 12x9 in.
$1500. US

L. Diane Johnson

North Carolina, USA

Johnson is an in-demand artist for her landscape paintings created on-location from North America to Europe. After beginning as a classical portraitist, she turned to the landscape to capture the essence, character and purity of whatever she painted. With hundreds of awards and corporate collections behind her, Johnson also has the distinction of being the Founding Editor of Plein Air Magazine (now titled Fine Art Connoisseur.) Her forté is painting private gardens, open landscape and architecture in oil, acrylic and pastel. She has painted and taught in Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, and other U.S./European destinations.


For me, this painting evokes the peace that attends my island's wharves and docks.  Even though it's early morning, the fishermen have already headed out to sea for the day.

Oil | 16x20 in.
$1500. US

Michael Chesley Johnson

New Brunswick, Canada

Michael Chesley Johnson, PSA, PSNM, is an award-winning oil and pastel painter working primarily en plein air in the American Southwest and the Canadian Maritimes. A Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America as well as a juried member of Oil Painters of America, he teaches workshops throughout North America. He's the author of Through a Painter's Brush: A Year on Campobello Island and writes regularly for The Pastel Journal and The Artist's Magazine.



The painting was done directly from nature in the Lednice-Valtice area of Podivin. It shows the terraced vineyards on a sunny day in winter. My intent was to attract attention to techniques and subject matter. The work combines the energetic lines of drawing and colours of painting.

Oil on Canvas | 16x20 in.
$800. US

Vitali Komarov

Czech Republic

Komarov is an artist who enjoys working from nature. Embedded in the European tradition, he has been strongly inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, developing further the techniques and vision introduced by the master. Although primarily self-taught, Vitali studied at The Art School and The Restoration School in Saint Petersburg, both in Russia. Since 1995, Komarov has been working as an independent artist. He lives in the Czech republic but has traveled widely to find inspiration for his work.

"...Feelings and mood play an important role in my paintings, more so than the form. It is not the technical side of art that interests me; hence I do not experiment with styles or medium. I am simply excited by the process of painting itself..."


Larry's Creek flows through a beautiful hemlock-lined hollow in North central Pennsylvania. Here, I tried to capture the glow of the strengthening March sun on the late winter snow cover.

Oil | 10x8 in.
$550. US

Karl Eric Leitzel
Founder, LAI

Pennsylvania, USA

Leitzel, is founder and director of Landscape Artists International, has been painting for most of his fifty years. After concentrating on the wildlife art genre during the 1990s, he now focuses mostly on the landscape, working both in the studio and en plein air. He works primarily in oils. "My style varies from impressionistic to highly detailed. While I usually have a clear concept in mind when I begin a piece, I try to let the developing painting guide me toward its final outcome. The interactive process between painter and painting is always a fascinating one."